Beyond Borders

by Priya

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A reflection on love, the struggle of becoming, and humanity.


released June 25, 2019

Written by Priya Laishram

Recording artists:
Priya Laishram- vocals, percussion
Dean Drouillard - guitar
Richard Lam - piano & upright bass

Fiverr collaborations:
Album artwork by Emma Gunnerson
Guitar arrangement collaboration on Track 3 by Gary Lee Music

Sound Engineering:
Recorded and mixed by John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club (
Mastered by Fedge at Fedge Album Mastering (

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Emma Priya Toronto, Ontario

Priya is a Toronto based singer-songwriter/actor, who spent her childhood on the east coast of Canada. Priya studied jazz performance for 4 years and attended the National Theatre School of Canada.

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Track Name: Train
Train is coming for you
What will I do
When it comes?

Can't stop this feeling inside
Rising up
Rising up
Where can I hide?
Can I hide?

And I don't really know
Don't want to know why
Just drifting by
Just drifting by

What did you say?
What did you say the other day?
Thought I heard something
Was it in my mind?
We're all just travellers
On these rusty tracks
Here for a breath
No going back

And I don't really know
Don't want to know why
Just drifting by
Just drifting by

I'm just drifting by
I'm just drifting by
I'm just drifting by....

Oh, better get on board
Oh, better get on board
Oh, better get on
better get on
better get on...
Track Name: Little Girl
Little girl pick up your skirt
Little girl wipe off the dirt
Don't tell 'em that it hurt

Little girl laugh through your tears
Little girl fight through your fears
Tuck your hair behind your ears
Little girl

Don't let anybody tell you
What it is you are to be
You're perfect just the way you are
In all your mystery
Little girl

Nobody know's what the hell they're doing
In this crazy world
Just do the things that make you smile
And let it all unfurl
Little Girl
Little Girl

Forgiveness isn't kind
When it only leaves you blind
To the darkness on your mind
And the sounds they shake the floor
Of the house that's made for war
Nobody's keeping score
And you're shouting out no more


What doesn't kill you makes you grow
Don't let these memories keep you low
If you don't try then you'll never know
The love in letting go..


You're not a little girl any more
Track Name: Beyond Borders
What is love in the eyes of the broken?
Could it come by the face of a queen?
What is freedom in the eyes of the rich?
Have we forgotten how to see?

If laughter is the remedy for sorrow
And I've seen the beauty of the human race
Then why can't I stop these tears from falling
And feeling like my soul is out of place?

A woman's worth isn't woven into cloth
Or reflected in a ring
Her strength is sometimes hidden in the silence
The bruise beneath the surface of what's seen


I have travelled far and wide
To discover what's inside
Love is naked love is pure
All we ever need is more


Oh we danced to music in the silence
And we found god in a stranger's face
And we'll never be alone again as long as hearts are home
Beyond words
Beyond borders
Beyond race

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